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AC united air HVAC solutions are more than just heating and cooling units.

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Air systems adapted to your home

We care about the good integration of air conditioning systems, that is why AC united provides you with the best plan, fully adapted to your home with an integrated cooling and heating system.

We are experts in our field

We have the best equipment and brands in air conditioning systems, our technicians have enough experience to do a good job.

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AC carrier systems

We are experts in working with the carrier brand, with almost two decades in the air conditioning market we can consolidate our position as experts in the integration of these incredible systems.

Distribution and efficiency

Organized and distributed systems to reach every space

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Central air system

Adapted and centralized spaces to guarantee well-being and comfort.

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FREE Inspection & Price Estimates

Feel comfortable working with us, we provide you with total security and help you save money. Our inspection and pricing plans are designed to help you get started.

We have the best technology

You can choose the plan that best suits your situation and needs, just contact us. We want to help you cool your home

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Save up to 60% on Your Electric Bills!

Our high-tech appliances allow you to save a great deal of energy use, so you will be able to reduce your electricity bills significantly.

We deliver the best service!

Call now and feel comfortable while you and your loved ones enjoy our AC systems.

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We make sure that your heating system is working properly


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